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MQ Performance documents

This github repository will be used to publish MQ Performance documents from the MQ Performance Team based in Hursley, England.

For many years the traditional place for Performance reports has been the IBM SupportPac website.

For new documents and performance articles, we intend to use this repository as the home for MQ Performance collateral.

MQ Appliance


The M2002 MQ Appliance was released in July 2018, and the accompanying MQ Appliance Performance Report (MPA3) illustrates the increased performance of the new Hardware:


The M2001 MQ Appliance was released in June 2016, and the accompanying MQ Appliance Performance Report (MPA1) and MQ Appliance HA and DR Performance Report (MPA2) have been updated to show the increased performance on the new Hardware:

The release of MQ 9.1 in July 2018, resulted in performance improvements in many HA and DR related scenarios on the M2001 appliance. The HA and DR Performance report has been updated again to Version 3:


The M2000 MQ Appliance was the original version of the MQ Appliance and the performance reports that relate to this model are available here:


MQ V9 delivered a new AMS Quality of Protection called ‘Confidentiality’. A performance whitepaper has been produced that illustrates the performance profile this new mode brings by comparing it to existing AMS, TLS and non AMS scenarios. AMSMQAppliance.pdf

MQ Distributed

Best Practises for Performance

This document contains general sections on best practises for performance, formerly included in the performance reports (MQ V8 and earlier). It is now published as a seperate report.MQ Performance Best Practises V1.0

Base MQ (V9.1 onwards)

Performance reports for MQ on distributed platforms from V9.1 onwards are available below. For reports on versions of distributed MQ prior to V9.1 go to the MQ SupportPac page here here.


MQ V9 delivered a new AMS Quality of Protection called ‘Confidentiality’. A performance whitepaper has been produced that illustrates the performance profile this new mode brings by comparing it to existing AMS and non AMS scenarios. AMS.pdf

Persistent Messaging Performance

A paper describing the best practises for persistent messaging, and illustrating the performance of some different filesytems hosting the MQ transaction log of Linux on x86 has now been released: mqio_v1.pdf.

RDQM HA Performance

A report illustrating the performance of the high availability (HA) function using RDQM (delivered in the V9.0.4 CD & V9.1 LTs releases of MQ) has been released. The report is based on tests run on Linux for x86, and includes comparisons with the previous software HA offering (MIQM). rdqm_performance_1.1.pdf.

Queue Manager Re-start Times

A paper illustrating some of the important factors that can affect queue manager re-start times after a server failure (for instance). Includes optimisations made in V9.1.1 to improve queue manager recovery. Queue Manager Restart Times.pdf.

MQ for z/OS

Performance reports for the latest versions of IBM MQ for z/OS are available here.

  • MQ for z/OS Capacity Planning and Tuning guide MP16.pdf. This report provides capacity planning and setup/tuning information for IBM MQ for z/OS version 9.1 and earlier releases. It describes how to define performance critical queue manager and channel initiator environment parameters. This version of the report includes considerations for backing up and recovery of CF structures, SMDS tuning, getting messages using GroupID and using message selectors.
  • MQ for z/OS version 9.0 performance report MP1K.pdf. The report discusses the performance of AMS, including the new AMS ‘Confidentiality’ Quality of Protection, using IBM MQ classes for JMS in both CICS OSGi JVM Server and IMS environments as well as page set statistics.
  • MQ for z/OS version 9.1.0 performance report MQ for zOS V910 Performance.pdf. The report discusses the performance characteristics of the MQ for z/OS V910 as well the performance improvements to AMS, support for Java clients on z/OS and Db2 Universal Table Space support.
  • MQ for z/OS version 9.1.2 performance report MQ active log acceleration with zHyperWrite, discusses MQ’s support for zHyperWrite on active logs.
  • MQ for z/OS version 9.1.3 performance report AMS Interception on server to server message channels, discusses MQ for z/OS’ support for AMS message channel interception.

MQ for z/OS - General white papers

Performance reports for MQ on z/OS documenting our experiences:

  • How does MQ for z/OS perform when moving to z14? Paper MQ for z/OS on z14 discusses the performance expectations and what we achieved when moving from z13 to z14. The paper also discusses some of the new features available on z14 that MQ is able to use such as the Crypto Express 6S feature and the re-location of Storage Class Memory from CF Flash to Virtual Flash Memory. There is also an update to the impact of using zEDC compression with MQ archive logs.
  • Performance of streamed persistent workload from z/OS using shared queue to Linux QREP_Performance_MQ_zOS_to_Linux.pdf. This paper discusses the shared queue configuration options when sending persistent messages to a Linux partner, illustrating differences in performance when the Linux partner uses client or bindings connections. The configuration used simulates a Queue Replication workload.


IBM MQ Managed file transfer performance report contains the charts showing Performance measurements to present the performance characteristics of MQ V9.0.5 for Linux platform and to assist capacity planning. This report shows the messaging rate that can be achieved on Linux systems when transferring messages using different chunk sizes. Anyone designing, implementing or sizing Managed File Transfer solutions using WebSphere MQ for V9.0.5 and above and needs to understand the performance characteristics on Linux platform should review this report.

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